[SotE] Here be dragons

Here’s a short excerpt from the chapter about Norway:

Perhaps one of the most fearsome creatures of the age lives somewhere in the high reaches of the Scandian mountains: Roiloti the Black, a great fire-drake that once served the Old Enemy. In the last fifty years or so, Roiloti has only been seen once or twice by travellers who’s tales were not believed. According to the dwarves of the mountains, Roiloti laid siege to the last great dwarven kingdoms of the mountains for about a thousand years ago or so, destroying most of the northern dwarven civilization. While Roiloti has mostly passed into myth among the human population of Norway, the dwarves still remember how their great mountain halls burned and tens of thousands of dwarves died trying to stop the great fire-drake. Unknown to the dwarves, though, some people have been considering an expedition into the High Scandians to find Roiloti, kill it with the aid of magic and modern weapons and to seize the dragon’s hoard for themselves. 

Yes, there’s dragons. In Swords of the Eastsea, true dragons have almost passed into legend but there’s a few of those left. Roiloti the Black is maybe the most powerful one around, but there is also a few others, such as a yet-unnamed dragon that lives somewhere in the Salpa mountains and has sworn revenge on Weirland, because Weirlanders captured and killed his kin to use them to feed their magical forges.

There’s lesser wyrms and drakes around, but those are no big deal for most people. Roiloti is quite literally mountain-sized so if the dragon returns, it’s going to be tough going for the whole continent of Irminsul.


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2 Responses to [SotE] Here be dragons

  1. Dragonlover says:

    As a dragon lover I’m very excited about Roiloti. I think she/he will be the next Smaug or Mushu (from the Disney’s film Mulan). Stay frosty and and spit fire!
    – Dragonlover

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