[SotE] Concerning Dragons

Earlier, I’ve made a few posts that have featured some dragons, namely Roiloti the Black and Fullvindr the Cunning and i thought I’d expand on their existence somewhat. 

Here’s what some elves, dwarves and Seidtroll could tell you. A long time ago, during the age of myth, the Old Enemy (it’s name has been forgotten) created them. They were made to be used as weapons in the wars against the elves, the dwarves and the Old Empire of the humans. A kind of an ultimate terror weapon, they were very good at what they did. 

Then the Old Enemy was gone after its last defeat. Most dragons had perished in that great final conflict, but those who survived were now free of the Old Enemy’s will and mind. Some committed suicide, others found a purpose for themselves and others kept doing what they had always done: wreak havoc for the sake of wreaking havoc. 

Now time has passed and there are precious few dragons left from the age of myth. The only ones who are known in Irminsul are Roiloti the Black, Fullvindr the Cunning and Perkunas the Destroyer. Both Roiloti and Fullvindr have been staying in the far north for thousands of years, while Perkunas the Destroyer is somewhere in the Baltic lands. 

Because dragons aren’t natural creatures at all, they don’t need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep at all. Some choose to do this even if they don’t need to do so, just because they can. Dragon have no biological gender at all though some have identified themselves with a gender after interacting with humans. They can reproduce at any time by laying eggs that hatch after a varying period of time. 

Fullvindr has made the observation that after the passing of the Old Enemy, dragons could no longer breed true, and their offspring is more than often stunted in growth and almost mindless Her opinion is that the will and mind of the Old Enemy was needed to shape the minds of the dragons since they weren’t natural creations.  She also considers procreation disgusting so she’s never had any children herself. Occasionally though a new dragon appears which has some of the intelligence and the size of the old ones and these tend to be extremely dangerous. They still are relatively small compared to the original ones: these ones tend to be as big as houses as opposed to mountain-sized like Roiloti. 

Dragon hunts are a semi-popular pastime among nobles and ranks above bear hunting in prestige. Still, even if the wyrms, wyverns and drakes aren’t up to par with the ancient ones, they occasionally kill and eat hunters. 


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