Frances, the Sea Lawyer and the Wrestler of Dragons

Frances was born in England but she did not stay there long. At a young age she signed on as a sailor and spent fifteen years on the high seas, until the English Civil War broke out. She was drafted to the Duke of York’s Royalist navy and upon the defeat of the Royalists, she deserted the Duke’s warship at the first port she could. Which happened to be the port of Trondheim.

She didn’t have much trouble adjusting, already knowing a bit of Norwegian on account of earlier calls to port in Hålogaland and the Southern Freedoms of Norway. For a while, she worked on fishing boats until she got tired of the stink and the cold, and realized she had other talents she could apply while living in Trondheim.

She had always been a great wrestler, on account of wrestling being a typical hobby for sailors to practice either on board or while on shore leave. So, she became a lawyer, because Norse Sea Law demands that the defendant and the accuser settle their differences by wrestling in the sea, and if either party cannot due to advanced age or disabilities wrestle, they are allowed to use a substitute. And that is where Frances came in.

Fifteen successful trials (and seven dead adversaries) later, she had made quite a reputation for herself which made finding future cases a lot harder, since most people preferred to settle out of court whenever she was representing a client. So, she decided to leave Trondheim behind and travelled to the far northern reaches of Hålogaland. On the road she met an old traveller who told her tales of the ancient heroes who fought dragons hand to hand. This was absolutely something she had to try, so she went up into the Scandian mountains to find a dragon. She did find one, but it was barely a kitten, about the size of her hand.

These days, most dragons don’t grow to full size. Her dragon, Emmy, only became about as big as a pony. Frances trained Emmy to be a wrestling dragon, only for show though because Frances grew fond of Emmy when raising her.

Now, Frances and Emmy travel all over the region to put on shows where they wrestle and Emmy breathes fire for the spectacle of it. She has even performed for the court of the Prince of Novgorod and the annual midsummer feast of the Lords of War. Turns out that if you know how to wrestle with a dragon, you never have to put in a honest day’s work ever again.



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