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Just a quick update

You might have noticed I didn’t make any post over the weekend. This is because of some minor health issues I’m dealing with, nothing serious but I don’t really have energy to write right now. I’ll give you more stuff … Continue reading

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Focus on rules and more rules

Well, I’m happy to say we’ve got some feedback on the little manifesto thing we wrote. Specifically, the discussion forum The Gaming Den discussed it and the discussion turned towards the lack of maths I do when designing. In general, … Continue reading

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Revisiting sorcery, and some new sorcery stuff

There’s been lots of talk about the magic rules in LotN since I posted that manifesto thing. Who knows why, but the magic rules are what people have focused on. So, I thought I’d make a simple summary of how … Continue reading

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Brawlers and bawlers: stuff about combat

It’s sunday, so I’ll just type up a brief post about some basics of combat. First off, I’ve always kinda disliked having to drawn maps for combat. So, for Lions of the North, we do this instead. We have different … Continue reading

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Rumors, half-truths and the ramblings of madmen

Thought I’d do another kind of post today. Instead of detailing some aspect of the setting for you readers, you get kind of brief teasers and glimpses of things to come. There are the kind of things you might hear … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

Hello again, After posting that little manifesto me and my fellow designer wrote (and do check out his game Sub Rosa, it’s good), I’ve got lots of angry replies. On a fundamental level, I don’t really get it. What is … Continue reading

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