[Sote] The Strangest of All Things

The mountains of Irminsul hide many strange creatures. Perhaps the strangest of them are the deviations from the norm: monsters of considerable intelligence and little malice. They can, from time to time, prove valuable allies to adventurers, but if crossed, they can be deadly adversaries. 

Fullvindr the Cunning

Fullvindr the Cunning is one of the last great ice wyrms, but unlike her fellow dragons Perkunas and Roiloti, she is utterly uninterested in bothering dwarves, humans or elves anymore. When the Old Enemy fell and its power over the creatures that served it was lost, Fullvindr decided to forge her own path. Perhaps it might be a bit surprising to some, but Fullvindr’s passion is thought. After being released from the power of the Old Enemy, she relished the opportunity to think for herself. For the last era, that’s all she has been doing. 

Dragons do not have to eat, so Fullvindr doesn’t hunt. She can be found far to the north, on a distant peak in the lands of the Saami. The Saami know of Fullvindr and occasionally visit her to share thoughts and to pay respect to her. Despite being an atypical dragon, Fullvindr is certainly vain and enjoys showing off her infinite wisdom to anyone visiting. She never kills anyone out of spite like other dragons do but will not tolerate rude behavior. 

Adventurers might seek out Fullvindr to gain access to her almost-infinite library which she has been collecting since the fall of the Old Enemy. Of course, since she is a dragon, the library looks more like a huge pile of scrolls and books and loose papers. Her magic preserves her library in perfect condition. In case another dragon wakes, Fullvindr might be one of those who might move to stop them, given sufficient motivation.

The Seidtroll

The Seidtroll, like Fullvindr, are a relic of the past and former tools of the Old Enemy. According to the Seidtrolls themselves, the Old Enemy decided to magically breed trolls for war to serve as its most fearsome generals and most frightening shock troops and they are the result. As big as the largest cave trolls but with greater intelligence than the hill trolls, they were a truly fearsome sight with their cruel armor and their gigantic war hammers.  After the Old Enemy fell, not many of those war trolls were left and those that remained were hunted almost to extinction by the Old Empire. However, some of them managed to make their way into the lands of the Norsemen and found a secluded valley. 

They were faced with the fact that all of them had committed violence and mayhem on a scale almost unimaginable. To break with their past, they took the name Seidtroll to underscore the fact that they think. Since those days, the trolls have lived in their valley and tried to make peace with their past. They know powerful old magics and have a longer recorded history than the dwarves and the elves. The trolls are not immortal, but they live for extremely long. Some of the oldest greybeards and grandmothers remember how it was to serve the Old Enemy. They rarely talk about it. 

For adventurers, the Seidtroll serve two purposes: they can be valuable allies even if they’re not going to do your fighting for you. They tend to know all that’s going on in the Scandian mountains and know of places that the Norse themselves have long since forgotten. They even know of the hidden arsenals and the secret fortresses left by the Old Enemy. 

However, they also will need protection. The age of myth has long since passed, and modernity is slowly but surely encroaching on their valley. Sooner or later, someone will think of them as animals and set out to destroy them. 

Egil The Undying, The First Necromancer

Something that keeps Archmage Count Lüttichau of the Kinship of Cold awake at night is the fate of the First Necromancer, because Lüttichau knows something that most members of the modern Kinship don’t: anyone transformed into a Necromancer can never die unless by another’s hand. If you neglect food, water and sleep you’ll rot away over the years but you will never truly die. You can’t kill yourself either. It just doesn’t work. Most Necromancers eventually go mad when they realize they’re facing eternity, trapped in a body that keeps rotting away.

Egil the Undying went missing so long ago he is only vaguely remembered by the Kinship, because during the years the Kinship was outlawed, they kept no formal records of their history. Egil was the First Necromancer and the greatest leader the Kinship has ever had, raising the armies of the dead against all their enemies and being cold enough to freeze a jug of wine simply by walking into the same room. Then, one day, Egil was gone.

Egil’s still around, even if Lüttichau hasn’t got the faintest idea of what happened to Egil. The truth is that Egil ignored keeping his body intact and one day he was horrified by what he had become. Egil fled into the wilds of Eastern Karelia and sought out the Queen of Disease, Loviatar. Loviatar took pity on the wretch and healed his mind but not his body. 

Now, Egil is still somewhere out there among the Karelian wilds, his body wasted away almost to nothing but his mind in perfect condition. Egil has accepted that he has become a monster and has almost entirely stopped using his magical powers. Except for one of them. Being the greatest Necromancer who ever lived, Egil actually has the power of resurrection. Full and total resurrection, no strings attached. 

 For adventurers, I probably don’t have to explain why actual resurrection is handy. 






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