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Return to scheduled programming: SotE overview

Ok so here’s a golden opportunity for those who want to give input at this stage. I am going through my design documents here and the game-to-be-released is beginning to take shape. So, what you’ll be getting contains these things … Continue reading

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Elfgame industry chat: I guess we’re all professionals here

Decided to write this because well, it’s been on my mind today. There has been all kinds of nonsense going on lately, mostly centered around Zak Smith, the elfgame blogger and the designer of Vornheim. Google + campaigns and stuff … Continue reading

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Progress reports, design philosophy and some other things

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately on this front, but everyone who’s been following this: Swords of the Eastsea is closer to completion again. As I probably mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to blog less and write more game instead. We’re now … Continue reading

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