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Kickstarters and risk minimization

I’ll tell you a story, because this is something I was thinking of now that Ettin’s launched his KS, which you can find here.  My earlier Kickstarter failed, and in hindsight, it makes me glad. Never mind the crapfest that … Continue reading

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[Shillin’] Paul Ettin’s Breakfast Cult Kickstarter now live!

Do you like high school drama? Do you like things that are anime as heck? Like Lovecraft? Like someone doing actually interesting things with Lovecraft? And there’s anime. So, contribute to Ettin’s Breakfast Cult Kickstarter. I’m not involved in this project, because … Continue reading

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[SotE] Publisher news

So, while being on the last stretch of writing, it’s appropriate to announce now who’s going to publish the game.  Swords of the Eastsea is going to be published by Liberi Gothica Games, Jacob Randolph’s new thing. You might know … Continue reading

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How Dungeons and Dragons is endorsing the darkest parts of the RPG community

An article by that name was written a few days ago by Tom Hatfield, a gaming journalist. Now, the people mentioned in that article are running a campaign of intimidation against anyone who has shared it. So, here’s the article.

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Swords of the Eastsea

Swords of the Eastsea is, to paraphrase Barbara Tuchman, the Early Modern Age of Europe seen through a distant mirror, in the shape of an RPG. Imagine that there’s a longer history than there is: stories of great heroics, an … Continue reading

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