[SotE] So what do I do in this game anyway

It’s a very relevant question. In my opinion, players and gamemasters need something solid to look at and not just an abstract thing, so we’ll include adventures to set the tone. Here’s a synopsis for one.

The Fogde and the Bandits

A Helsinge merchant prince, Stor-Sven Järneklov, wants to get his hands on a shipment of Dwarven ales for his upcoming party, but the sale of Dwarven ale east of the river Uskela has been banned by the provincial governor. He and his son Lill-Sven have been trying to hire both sea- and land route smugglers to run a cargo, but no luck: the Fogdes have caught every last cargo.

Stor-Sven ups the ante: anyone who runs a shipment of Dwarven ale can make a bet with him. If they can do it inside three days, they will get ten thousand silverthalers. If they don’t make the run, they get nothing.

Here’s where the players enter the picture. They’ll need to get from Helsinge to the village of Salo, get their hands on a wagonload of dwarven ale, and run it back to Helsinge without getting caught by the patrols out on the Kingsroad.

Of course, when they come across a hitchhiking young Englishman dressed in finery, who has fled his own wedding after he realized that the bride wasn’t what he was promised, that’s where their problems start. Because the father of the bride is Count Bielke, head of the Fogdes of the province of Nyland. Now the heat is truly on them. Can they make the run in time or will they end up getting caught?

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2 Responses to [SotE] So what do I do in this game anyway

  1. Tordenskjold says:

    “Bailiff” would be the translation of the danish/swedish foged. I think “Bailiff and the Bandits” would sound better anyway.

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