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A word about D&D and reality from Andri Erlingsson

So I thought everyone would be a bit smarter after seeing this. I did not write it, Andri Erlingsson did. You know, the person who did the excellent Mounted Combat for Dungeon World that you totally should buy. Originally posted here. Ever … Continue reading

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[SotE] Vegan Zombie Eat Grain

Finally finished that pesky thesis I was writing so I got back in the designing saddle. I think I will probably make elfgame history by writing the game which mentions herrings more often than any other game. And today I … Continue reading

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Hey, I Did Not Forget About You!

Putting up one of my “things are going forward” posts again. Lately, I’ve been occupied by thesis work (I am writing about the bishop of Münster, August Clemens von Galen, in case someone’s wondering), alcohol, getting interviewed by the finnish … Continue reading

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