[SotE] So why no New World mentioned so far

No one actually asked this yet, but eventually, it’s a question that someone will ask. God forbid, a lot of people asked that about 7th Sea before the 2nd edition of 7th Sea fixed that situation. At this point in development, my plans for a not-American continent are something that fit on a single post-it note, but there are two reasons why I won’t tackle this subject before. Or three.

First is the practical aspect of it. There’s only so much setting material that can be covered within the span of one corebook, and the book is turning out to be rather hefty as it is. You got all of Scandinavia, Northwest Russia, the Baltic region, Poland and Germany to play around in, in real-world terms. The corebook also focused a lot on the inherit conflict that is the Thirty Years War of this fantasy not-Europe.

I could not do it justice either. A whole lot of research went into this initial manuscript, and this was research I knew the basics of. Pre-Columbian America isn’t my field of expertise at all. Ask me about the Thirty Years War or something about pop psychology, I can answer you but Pre-Columbian America, I don’t even know where to start. I need to hit the books before writing and also figure out which books to hit.

Third aspect is in my opinion the most important one. For me, it has been easy to consult local minorities, such as the Saami and the Roma, when it comes to presenting them in a faux-historical context. I am a guy who lives in Finland and I know an exact total of one single person who has any Native American roots at all. So I will need to find Native American writers and consultants to do any justice to them. Too often people (looking at you, Monte Cook Games) forget that minorities are not just window-dressing but real people with a history, a history that shouldn’t be commercialized lightly and not commercialized by mainstream white men either.

That’s all about that.

Well, apart from the fact that I feel that simply writing fake colonial history would be skeevy as all hell.



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