Everything Is Political And Yet Another Update

In a rather hilarious turn, or not, a game designer by the name of Ryan M. Danks decided to post some really weird anti-muslim screeds on G+. Then, after me and a bunch of other people brought that up, he did one of those “sorry-but-not-sorry” dances, claiming that there’s a smear campaign against him. Sorry Ryan, four or five people deciding that your opinions suck isn’t a smear campaign.

But that of it. A whole bunch of people say that you should not bring politics into gaming, but just roll the dice and have fun. That is actually a political choice in itself: to allow people to be bigots without letting it affect your own personal choices.

This isn’t one of those complex issues such as “can I buy any electronics without supporting coltan mining in inhumane conditions” but a rather straightforward issue: do you buy a toy or not? As for me, I’m not going to buy anything with Ryan M. Danks name on it, same as I would not buy anything with Skarka, Tarnowski, Zak Smith or Mearls in the credits. Games just aren’t that important. If you think this sucks, don’t buy my game in the future.

As to the game project, it’s still ongoing though I’ve been slacking with the blog too much. We hit a slight hitch with pre-KS art stuff and until the art is done, the project is sort of in a holding pattern. I’m doing cleanup of the ruleset and writing out the last bits and pieces that are missing.

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