Me posting stuff on GamerXP and SotE things

I have recently written a couple of things for GamerXP which is an excellent site. I am partial of course since it publishes me, but go take a look.

If you’d like to know what I don’t enjoy about GRR Martin, click here. And generally want to know about misrepresenting history. That too.

Here is another one about elfgames and history.

And finally something about private dicks and elfgames.

In case you have been wondering where my game is right now, things progress towards the end. I had a fairly productive weekend, got my last exam this year on friday and after that I got lots more of spare time to do a last polish before my co-author Artemis starts filling out what I didn’t bother to write. As soon as we get the art together, we can probably start putting the KS together.

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