A couple of magic schools today: The Ladies of Rot and the Life-Brewers

The Ladies of Rot

The Ladies of Rot have emerged in the last 50 years in the Polish-Livlandian Commonwealth and have been accepted as a School by both the Polish crown and most other Schools. Their magic consists of the rather scary force called Entropy: how things decay. They can accelerate, stop and even reverse decay as they please. Almost all practicioners of this art of magic are women, for an unknown reason. The most accomplished (that’s what he’d call himself) authority on magical theory, Tycho Brahe, postulates that their emergence is a result of the decayed state of the Commonwealth. He might be right or wrong.

The Ladies of Rot are revered among the peasantry of the Commonwealth, since they represent a new form of power that the nobles have no control over. Those who have failed in their transformation are much feared though, and are called Lepers.

The Ancient Order of Life-Brewers

The Life-Brewers are the closest thing the Danubian Empire has to wizards. Originally, they were a group of brewers from the Brewers and Vintners Guild who went to the dwarves of Zwergspitze to learn the secrets of dwarven alemaking. Of course, they got a bit more than what they bargained for, because they discovered an ancient alchemical text that taught them to distill and modify the life force of everything living, a rather common practice among doctors and alchemists, but the exception here is that it actually works.

The downside is that the processes are repugnant, the source material the Life-Brewers use are dead bodies (never in short supply in the Danubian Empire) and the products are vile and extremely expensive. In short, the Life-Brewers remove blood and various organs from dead bodies, and distill them into a vile yellow liquid which they then add various chemicals and substances to.

Potion brewing requires the use of a laboratory and access to dead bodies. The resulting product can be used at any time by anyone and will stay good for about a year. Anyone who drinks two potions of the same type inside the duration dies.

Post Scriptum since someone kinda asked: yes, historically people did make “medicines” from dead bodies in the Early Modern Period.

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