The King and Her Wife, The King’s Former Lover And His Husband

Today we’re taking a brief look at some people in high society, namely the abdicated Swedish monarch Christina and the people in her life.

Today We are finally embarking on a course which will set Us free from this miserable existence as King of the Swedish Realm. Dear Belle cannot give us a child, of course, but it would be improper to leave the Realm without an heir. We would do so, of course, but Oxenstierna would object. Therefore, We must act according to the Chancellor’s will. Today, we will be seeing that old goat Brahe, because if there is to be a child, there must be someone to do the deed with Us. Brahe is someone We can subjugate to our will as we like. 

Christina was the daughter of Gustav II,  who died rather young and left no other children. She grew up in the royal court, under the supervision of her father’s household and his family, and became a capable artillerist, a great equestrian and one of the most educated persons in Sweden. She was educated by the young chancellor Axel Oxenstierna who was already considered a great statesman at the age of 25 and is considered the main architect of the Swedish Empire.

At the age of 16, she was crowned as a King, as is customary in Sweden. Ruling as King was never something she liked much, because she wasn’t interested in the affairs of state apart from inviting foreign philosophers and scientists to Sweden and being a patron of the arts. She married Belle Ebba Sparre, a young beauty from the ancient Sparre family. As she turned 25, she had decided to give up the crown. However, there was the issue of succession to be dealt with. An empty Swedish throne without a Vasa would be an open invitation to the Polish Vasas to reclaim the throne. Oxenstierna recommended against adoption because realistically, she could only adopt someone from a noble family which would bring about political turmoil. Despite never relishing the idea, she finally agreed on having a child.

Discussing the issue with Oxenstierna, she chose a father: Julius Caesar Aurelianus Brahe. Julius Caesar Aurelianus was perfect as a never-acknowledged father: he was from the less accomplished and poorer branch of the Brahe family and didn’t have anything else in mind than gaining the favor of the King to secure his future. In addition, he was older and less given to passion than most of the young noblemen of the court. A perfect short-term lover for the task.

We have today given birth to a son. It was not a task We relished. But a King must do what is good for the Realm. We have named him Gustav. We shall now turn the child over to Oxenstierna and pursue things We truly desire. 

Almost immediately after it was established that the boy was healthy, Christina announced that she would abdicate in a year. Oxenstierna looked on with satisfaction: the realm was secure and he would have a hand in the future king’s upbringing. After the abdication ceremony in Stockholm, Christina moved to the royal palace of Gripsholm, a short distance outside Stockholm. There, she focused on science and the arts and her writing.

At age 14, Gustav III was crowned. Up until the coronation, he had never seen his mother. However, Christina and Belle Ebba Sparre appeared at the coronation. She promised to give him advice whenever he would need such.

Christina has been spending the last 30 years mostly in the palace of Gripsholm which is now full of art and hosts a science academy where she participates with enthusiasm. Christina is closer to 60 now and still lives with her wife Belle Ebba.

In an amusing twist of fate, the “Old Goat” Julius Caesar Aurelianus ended up retiring together with Christina. Of course, they haven’t been lovers since her pregnancy was confirmed, but she took a liking to the man and when she sent him away, she didn’t let him go unrewarded. He is now closer to eighty himself and lives with his husband, Raven von Barnekow, in a smaller palace near Gripsholm. Raven von Barnekow hails from Nordmark in the Danubian Empire and originally served as Captain of the Guard for Christina’s personal life guard. He was considered a woman at birth, but after his childhood only presented himself as a woman from then on. Christina, Belle Ebba, Julius Caesar Aurelianus and Raven tend to enjoy friday dinners together at Gripsholm palace before seeing a play put on by Christina’s troupe.

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