[SotE] Where we are at now

So, another status update. 

I closed off three sub-chapters from the setting part of the book today. We’re clocking in at circa 50k words for the setting part of the game, with some minor additions still coming along as me and my co-author do our final edits. The rules part of the book still needs some work and some particulars need to be filled out but there’s about 25k worth of words there already. My guess is that we’ll reach about 30k before the rules work is done. And there might be additional setting material added to the book, depending on how well our Kickstarter will do. 

So we’re looking at a grand total of something like 80-90k words before it’s done. A pretty hefty book then. Can’t tell you an exact page count before it goes via our layout dude but hefty anyway. 

I’ll try to have the writing part finished in about two weeks, or just before Paul Ettin’s Breakfast Cult KS ends. It’s funded already and you should support it. The first round of editing will take a while and we want to have some art ready to go before the KS is launched.


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