[SotE] The Merchant Adventurers

The Merchant Adventurers, or, The Most Honorable Company Of Traders Upon The High Seas

While most of the Northern parts of Irminsul are focused on the goings-on in the Eastsea, the Danes have during their history had significant overseas holdings, including parts of England. While the Danish High Seas Fleet hasn’t existed for a long time, there’s some of that naval tradition still left in the town of Ribe.

The Merchant Adventurers, as the The Most Honorable Company Of Traders Upon The High Seas is mostly called, is a guild that facilitates and supports both exploration efforts and far-reaching trade voyages. The Company has with Norsemen support sailed all the way to distant Bjarmia and the hot lands to the south, but now they have a new goal.

According to old chronicles, before Iceland was lost there was a colony somewhere to the west of the island, called Greenland. More intriguingly, there are evidence to support that there are lands beyond Greenland, something called Vinland. If there’s something there, they must have something worth buying, or so the Merchant Adventurers think.

The Merchant Adventurers are a fairly exclusive club, because to become a full member, you must own a ship capable of sailing the High Seas. And you can’t be a pirate. However, the Company does from time to hire outsiders to carry out tasks like making contact with locals before they risk sending a trading vessel. And sometimes the Merchants want to range beyond local ports to seek out treasures and hidden cultures. Simple sailors might not be up to tasks like these but sellswords are always willing to risk it.

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