[SotE] Publisher news

So, while being on the last stretch of writing, it’s appropriate to announce now who’s going to publish the game. 

Swords of the Eastsea is going to be published by Liberi Gothica Games, Jacob Randolph’s new thing. You might know Jacob Randolph from such things as Inverse World. You know that game that owns and which you should totally buy right now from here. Or if you like FATE more than Dungeon World, here

And check out this snazzy logo too:


Originally, I planned to make Swords of the Eastsea solely an electronic release but good news on that front too: there’s going to be a POD version too. Why POD, you might ask? It’s less work for us and less work for you. It will keep costs down. And I’m all about keeping costs down. 

Other news regarding the upcoming Kickstarter, I’ve got accomplished Finnish artist Ruska Berghäll doing art for me and some other artists who will take a bit off her workload. Paul Ettin is going to be doing a thing for a stretch goal, along with Andri Erlingsson (the guy who has been doing a load of cool Dungeon World things) who’s doing a thing about Iceland for SotE and Darren Pearce (you know, the industry veteran who has written for C7 and Mongoose, such things as the Doctor Who RPG, Lone Wolf and Dragon Kings and Dragon Kings for 13A, he’s an ace) is also doing a thing. Some other people will appear later too. The reason all of my people aren’t mentioned in this announcement is that we’re still working on details regarding what they’ll do. 

Tentatively, here is what I can tell you of the upcoming process. I’ll be doing the last stretch of writing now that the weather is tolerable again, and then the first editing process starts which will be done by me and my co-writer Artemis Kelosaari. We want to get out a playtester’s kit as soon as possible and I got some in-house testing lined up before anything’s final. Then it goes to our pro editor and around that time, the KS will be launched. Why this rather convoluted method? 

Essentially, it’s to make sure that no matter what happens, we can deliver a product and backers will be guaranteed that the game isn’t vaporware. We’ve all seen Kickstarters that have run before a game has even been written, and they don’t have a good track record.

That’s it for now. Exciting stuff.  

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