How Dungeons and Dragons is endorsing the darkest parts of the RPG community

An article by that name was written a few days ago by Tom Hatfield, a gaming journalist. Now, the people mentioned in that article are running a campaign of intimidation against anyone who has shared it.

So, here’s the article.

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One Response to How Dungeons and Dragons is endorsing the darkest parts of the RPG community

  1. The thing that really bothers me about that article is that so much of it is easily debunked without having to do more than a ten minute google search. From the little inaccuracies – like that Zak believes that you should only play the earliest edition of D&D when he has often commented that he actually plays a mixture of AD&D and 3e; or the claim that he’s had a run in with almost every single woman and person of color (which implies that not only is he a misogynist but also a racist) which you can disprove by looking at his very open support for women being involved in the hobby, his friends, and his living situation (he lives with a black woman). Then there are the big inaccuracies that range from claiming that he targets only LGBQT, women, and people of color to argue with; to confusing the actions of Zak with those of his long time girlfriend, Mandy. Even a cursory examination of Zak’s arguments would have debunked that first claim as he openly argues with everyone, regardless of an individual’s gender, sexual preference, or any other distinguishing feature.

    Tom Hatfield has admitted that he already didn’t like Zak and Pundit before this controversy began. Unfortunately it seems that he allowed his personal feelings to cloud his professionalism in this case as he wrote an article that is filled with inaccuracies and easily debunked hearsay. That’s why none of the magazines he tried to get the story published through would purchase the article.

    Anyway, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I just hate to see someone hitch themselves to a poorly researched article and find themselves look foolish as a result.

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