[SotE] Vegan Zombie Eat Grain

Finally finished that pesky thesis I was writing so I got back in the designing saddle.

I think I will probably make elfgame history by writing the game which mentions herrings more often than any other game. And today I have been writing things about the Danish Grain Exchange. Which has no counterpart in our real-world history but it’s a pretty big deal as essentially a state within a state. They control the grain price and want to squeeze out maximum profits from it which leads to food costs rising for those who don’t benefit from the grain trade. Like the serfs who actually do the farming. Sure, I could make it a bit more far out if I’d want to but I really don’t want to because keeping the whole organization about something as simple as producing grain is what grounds the fantasy world.

What I am essentially trying to do is to squeeze out interesting stories from things that matter. Availability of food has historically always been perhaps the most important thing for the average citizen and we still have that going on today, when stockmarket speculation with rice futures lead to global famine a few years back.

Rest assured: I won’t go into unnecessary details of how many tons of grain is moved per year or how many silver thalers a trader pays for a sack of grain, because there’s no adventure in that. I know some people like doing the whole merchant in a fantasy world deal, but SotE won’t be aimed for that sort of gameplay. It’s entirely about exceptional individuals who have enough agency to change the world.

Speaking of what level of detail the world will have, here’s the lowdown: every country or autonomous area in the Eastsea region gets an entry. You’ll get the basic gist of how the government of the nation works, what are the important cities, how’s daily life, which industries are big, what are the major power groups inside the nation and finally, what sort of odd and interesting places there are to visit beyond the cities. I really don’t feel like doing the Hârn thing where there’s tremendous amounts of detail about everything because any GM worth their salt can extrapolate from a few central details.

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