[SotE] Getting ahead of things

While SotE is wrapping up ever-so-slowly (because you know, real life has always surprises for you), there’s a lot of material that won’t make it into the the first release. The part of the gazetteer that will make it has been summarized here, but some people are probably interested in what’s going on in the rest of Europe, so I thought I’d treat you to my early notes.

The kingdom of England has been torn asunder by civil war. The Parliament’s forces under Lord Protector Edgar Cantrell grievously wounded the king, John IV and drove the royalist forces from the island nation. The royalist faction kept hold of the continental holdings of the English crown, namely Calais and the duchy of Gascogny. With the king being incapacitated by his wounds, Prince Regent George is formally in charge of the nation.

On the western parts of the island, the ancient kingdom of Cymru still exists despite the best efforts of the English to conquer it. Cymru is now an ally of the Swedes.

West of the island of Britain, there’s the remains of Eire, now known as the Accursed Isles. An unexplained disaster sometime in the last years of the Great Mortality tore the island asunder and now all that’s left are a few scattered island chains. Dark secrets are hidden somewhere among the ruins.

On the continent, Holland is an up-and-coming merchant republic, allied with the Norsemen of Hålogaland. Holland seeks to challenge the Hanseatic League to control the trade in the North Sea and the East Sea.

West of the Danubian Empire (so geographically, that’s our France), there are several powerful states: the Domain of Noviodunum, the last vestige in the west of the Old Empire, ruled by a Dux, in the name of an Empire that no longer exists. There is proud Burgundy, dreaming of conquest and golden Aquitaine, surrounded by magically built stone walls that kept it safe from the Great Mortality.

Iberia is the home of the Aragonian nation and the Navarrans, and southern Iberia is held by the Grenadans. And in another place, you have the Komnenian Empire, the eastern remnant of the Old Empire, next door to the Ottoman Republic.

And that’s about that for now. I should probably focus on finishing the damn manuscript before doing more stuff that won’t be in the first book.

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