[SotE] Re-visiting character creation

I made a post earlier about the character creation process in SotE but it’s time to update it, since the game has evolved a bit during the design time (watch me blow through deadlines like it ain’t no thing).

We start off with the player picking a character kit. These are sorted by class, of which there are eight:

  • Fighter
  • Hedge Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Bard
  • Scholastic Wizard
  • Ranger
  • Elf
  • Dwarf

All the kits get a different set of stats, a different set of skills and a few bonus XP to round out the kit with Advantages, spells, charms and special abilities. You also get to pick a few Traits, which are essentially micro-skills: too marginal to waste skill dice on but occasionally useful. For instance, you could have your character pick Mountaineering or Boating as a Trait which means they got some background in those and get a bonus dice for stuff where the Trait applies. You wouldn’t be as good as a sailor or someone who’s extremely athletic, but you’d have a small edge.

Advantages are various background things and abilities which don’t fit elsewhere. Like having a whole lot of money or a special sword. Charms resemble a lot the level 1 spells of D&D and spells are more powerful spells that you only can learn with the appropriate background at character creation.

To round it off, you get to make up Motivations and Instincts. Motivations provide bonuses for certain situations because your character is more driven and Instincts allow you to break the rules slightly. Essentially, Instincts are things your character always does, like always keeping a torch at hand when exploring or always drawing your pistol when surprised. That way, you’re always somewhat in charge of what your character does, even if you forgot to mention buying a torch. Motivations and Instincts also give you XP if they get you into trouble.

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