Progress report

Things are actually progressing and all, so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the scope of the game as of how things are now.

We got roughly six major nations and some of the frontier that will make it to the game. I’d really like to take a look at what’s up on the British Isles (teaser: Prince Regents, not-Cromwells) but well, you have to restrict yourself somewhat. Iceland might still make it in, depending on things.

Six different magic schools are done, four to go, depending on if I leave a few ones out at this point. Magic schools have turned out to be a quite a chore to write.

There’s also a bunch of special abilities and special combat stuff that characters can learn, all from duelling arts to horseback riding to being a really good bard.

Character kits are in, so you got your fighters, rangers, rogues, bards, wizards and all that. All kits will have a few alternatives with thematic tie-ins to make it more fun.

I’ve also been talking to people who might show up in this project before it’s done with a few surprises. All in all, it’s coming along nicely.



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