SotE: The Astronomer-Healers and Tycho Brahe

Here’s something about wizards again.  Gotta love Tycho Brahe.

The Astronomer-Healers

In the past, the elves were capable of healing mortal wounds and illnesses with only the power of starlight. The elven medicuses of the past were able to take the starlight into their bodies and share it with the wounded and the ill. That has been lost.

Some fifty years ago, the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe returned from the court of the Emperor to his island between Denmark and Scania. The island of Hven had two observatory castles built on it by Brahe before his career as Imperial Astronomer, one of which had a herb garden that Brahe used for his other great passion, pharmacological studies.

While he had been away, the gardens had grown wild. He discovered a strange herb that had heart-shaped roots and star-shaped flowers which he hadn’t seen before. Curious, he experimented with the herb and brewed from it a sweet tea-like drink. It didn’t take him long to realize that the herb was changing him. His eyes became black as night and in his eyes, the light of the stars was caught.

Soon he realized that he could use the power that his eyes caught to prolong his life and the lives of others, to heal disease with a touch and to even regrow lost limbs. The potential of this ability waxed and waned depending on how long he had spent time studying the stars.

Tycho Brahe is an educated man who knows he has stumbled onto magic, which he never appreciated much earlier. However, since there was great promise in his abilities and coin to be made from teaching it, he embraced his new ability to the full extent, taking on pupils. Some of them died imbibing the herbal concoctions, but other were able to go through the change and to learn how to heal.




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