Swords of the Eastsea: Wizards of the Green

Here’s a first draft of some fluff. You probably see what inspired it.

Wizards of the Green

In the southern glens and valleys of the Great Wood of Tavast, dwells the group called the Wizards of the Green. A fairly small School, they number some eighty members in their ranks. As far as they know, there has always been Wizards of the Green living there. They tend to the plants and the animals of the woods, study the forest and occasionally offer their services to people in need.

Unlike many other Schools, the Green has no organization, no headquarters and no leader. Membership is open to anyone willing to learn. Quite a few apprentices come from troubled backgrounds and want to dedicate their life to peaceful work. For instance, recently a mercenary captain joined the Green to leave her old life behind. Now she lives in a cottage at the edge of the woods, seeking out animals hurt by ill-mannered hunters and tending to them.

Most of the Wizards live ascetic lives. Most stop eating meat early on and avoid anything that comes from animals in their diet. An exception is made for milk from the occasional found cow and chicken eggs from chickens that the Wizards sometime find in the woods. Frequently, Wizards keep pets and most of them are fond of cats and birds.

Most member tend to wear their hair long and the men grow their beards out. The universal symbol of the Green is the Wizard’s staff, that they make from branches standing snag trees and which they shape with their powers. The staff works as a conduit for many of their powers.

The Wizards have powers which deal with plant and animal life. The ultimate goal for many is to align themselves and their bodies fully with nature, turning them from humans into something different and perhaps more harmonic with nature. Others are content to live out the rest of their lives in the wood.

However, some wizards feel that they need to wander after training. This is an accepted path to take, even if many don’t take it. The Wizards know that they cannot shut themselves out from the rest of the world entirely, because the world is shifting and even the Great Wood of Tavast isn’t eternal. It would also be a false conclusion to make that the Wizards are entirely helpless: quite a few of them were accomplished fighters before joining the School. Cruelty to animals tends to set them off.

The activities of the Wizards has allowed them official recognition as a School which helps them a lot. They are not bound by contract with the Crown as many other ones are, though. Instead they aid others voluntarily.



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