Monsters ahoy: The Myling’s Gonna Getcha

Here’s something out of our bestiary.

The Myling

The Mylings are the undead that appear in places where the Great Mortality hit the worst. They appear in the forms of small children that want home. By home, they mean the grave because when the Great Mortality was at it’s worst, lots of people fled their homes, leaving the dead unburied and even more died on the roadsides. As the Great Mortality wound down, the forgotten corpses of the victims were mostly cleaned up in the towns and along the Kingsroads, but in far off places and along smaller roads, the mylings still roam at night.

Mylings make a lot of noise, screaming and demanding for help. If you get too close to them, they will jump up on your back and bite you on the neck until you promise to carry them to a graveyard. As you get closer to the graveyard the Myling on your back will become heavier and heavier. If you fall over, you might sink into the soil, the Myling pressing you down into what’s become a grave for you both.

Myling, like all other ghosts, obey the Rule of Iron, thus they can be fought and driven off. However, the only way to permanently get rid of a myling is to find its bones, which tend to be close to where you have encountered it and bury them in during daylight hours.


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