Swords of the Eastsea: Wilderness Survival Rules

Because for some reason everyone likes rules, here’s an executive summary of today’s work.

Lots of games include travelling in the wilderness, but few games give substantial rules on how to deal with it. Here’s how SotE does it.

Before you take even one step on your journey, you can plan it out using your Lore skill. This either makes your journey shorter or easier or both, depending on how you roll. The roll also might give your Stamina Pool a booster, and the Stamina Pool is your hitpoints when travelling. So you’ll want to plan as best you can.

On the road, you need to make Survival rolls, the frequency depends on what season it is. It’s indirectly affected by the terrain you’re travelling in, because bad terrain slows you down.  If you fail at your Survival rolls, you’ll end up losing Stamina points. If too many Survival rolls fail at once, something extra bad will happen. Like getting attacked by hungry owlbears.

If your Stamina points hit zero, your Survival rolls become harder and you’ll start losing Strength. A friend can support you with their rolls so you don’t lose Strength, though.  One solution to regain Stamina points is to rest up for a while if you can, but that doesn’t always work out as planned.

There’s some minor things that you can do to either screw yourself up while travelling and some things you can do to make it easier, but this is basically the gist of it. I wanted to make something simple enough to not burden down the game with a ton of rolls and to make travel somewhat interesting. And to avoid making rules with a death spiral.




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