Setting material: Ruins of the Kustö Castle and the Light of the Heavens

Here’s something from the gazetteer again.

Kustö is an island some ten miles south of the Ostland administrative capital of Turku. A fairly large island, it’s considered an important part of the defense of the Ostland heartlands, because the western part of the island overlooks the narrow Long Strait that is the second viable shipping lane into the city of Turku.

The island has a few small villages and farmsteads on it and is for the most part covered by old pine growth and rocky hills. While the island is otherwise unremarkable, there are two attractions on the island to travellers.

On the eastern shore of the island are the ruins of the old Kustö Castle which are considered haunted. According to legend, a high priest of the God Forgotten lived there but it was abandoned during the Great Mortality. The ring walls of the castle were destroyed in an uprising against the Swedish crown and the castle has lain in ruins since. According to tradition, the treasures of the high priest are still somewhere in the castle ruins. The local people avoid the castle because they have occasionally spotted creatures identified as draugr on the site.

The western shore of the island has one of the great wonders of the Eastsea: The Light of the Heavens. A stone pillar that’s more than two thousand feet tall according to approximations, the Light of the Heavens is a curious relic of the old days, since it has five great globes on it which continually blink with a blazing white light, never stopping. The Light of the Heavens is frequently used by sailors as a navigational aid since it can be seen from extremely far off. The pillar itself is a curious blend of white and gray stone and clearly has both Old Empire, Dwarven and Elvish influence in the design. Inside the pillar, there are pipes made out of some strange metal which seem more or less unbreakable and uncorroding. These pipes go deep into the sub-levels below the pillar which have never been fully explored since parts of them have been flooded sometime in the past. Occasionally, architects and artists have come to study the tower, and some have even climbed all the way to the top using a stairwell inside the pillar and along the way found empty rooms that have in the past served some purpose. As far as anyone knows, the pillar’s existence is impossible since it doesn’t seem to have any sort of structural supports in the stonework.

Around the pillar, there is a small sconce that protects an artillery battery which is used to control the Long Strait. In addition to the artillerymen, there are some thirty soldiers and most of the time, there are some cavalrymen who are responsible for carrying messages to the Duke of Ostland.  The Danish navy once bombarded the Light of the Heavens but their artillery fire seemed to have no effect on the pillar.





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