Return to scheduled programming: SotE overview

Ok so here’s a golden opportunity for those who want to give input at this stage. I am going through my design documents here and the game-to-be-released is beginning to take shape.

So, what you’ll be getting contains these things and maybe more:

  • Basic character creation and advanced character creation
  • Basic rules, combat rules and all that.
  • Magic! Around 20 spells for everyone and 13 Schools of magic, each with about 10 spells, so there’s about 150 spells to choose from.
  • Around 10 combat disciplines for those who like swords more than magic.
  • Special equipment, so you don’t need to fight orcs with bedrolls. Firearms, Dwarven and Elven specialties, Weirland dueling swords, cool things.
  • A bunch of monsters for you to fight, ranging from the hideous owlbear to the mighty dragons of the mountains.
  • A gazetteer detailing the geography of the setting. Who knows, you might want to end up adventuring in the south alongside the Swedish Imperial Army or travelling to meet the Saami of the north.  Or maybe you end up sailing along the Hålogaland coast and have to face the Sea Law of the Jarls.
  • Gazetteer also contains information on the important organizations of the day and age, everything from the Bard’s College to the Hackepell Cavalry to the Sacred Traders of Novgorod.
  • The Heart of Saturday Night. No wait, that’s Tom Waits. He isn’t in this game.
  • At least three adventures to inflict on players.
  • Since it’s (at this point, give me money and I’ll change my opinion) a purely electronic release, you’ll be getting alternate versions of the content too. Stuff that’s been optimized for ease of use at the table.

Yeah, I think you’ll like this. I haven’t stated it on the blog that much but my approach to this whole thing is kind of like 13th Age did: you’ll get a complete product and no splats or stuff like that will ever be necessary. I might do an expansion or two if SotE is received well, though.

Quick edit: I forgot why I was posting this. So you can ask questions and stuff if you like.

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2 Responses to Return to scheduled programming: SotE overview

  1. Greyhawk Knight says:

    What do you mean by “electronic release”? RPGnow/DriveThroughRPG?
    They have a PoD option. You can put it up as a free product (or for sale, or for “pay what you want”) and simultaneously as a print product.
    I vastly prefer print to a pdf.

    • kemper2011 says:

      PoD is a strong option that I might go with, the initial release (once we’ve got a kickstarter going) will be purely in various electronic formats like pdf and some ebook format. This is kind of unfortunate but shipping costs have been rising constantly and making it almost impossible for me to do an initial hardcopy.

      Also, going for ebooks means that the product will be finalized a lot faster.

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