Nations of Swords of the Eastsea

I finished the early writeups of the nations that are the most relevant for players and turned them over to my co-writer Artemis this week. Some more nations will still be added to the game but they play mostly secondary roles anyway.

Here’s a quick list. 

The Swedish Empire: The Swedes overthrew their Danish overlords a while back and murdered almost the entire Danish royal family in the process. The Swedes are best characterized as ruthless imperialists who will practically do anything to rule all of the Eastsea. Sweden is a centralized absolutist monarchy that constantly is looking for new schools of magic and new technology to compensate for their lack of manpower

The Republic of Novgorod: Proud and old, Novgorod is a republic led by a prince. Their main ambition is to get access to the sea so they don’t end up being vassals for the Swedes. Novgorod is characterized by the urbane decadence of the nobles and the merchant while at the same time, the regular folks of Novgorod live in extremely primitive conditions. 

The Karelian Commonwealth: A loose confederation of villages in the wilderness, the Karelians are stuck between the Swedish hammer and the Novgorod anvil. Their mastery of forest magic has allowed them to punch above their weight class and they’re still independent. They rule the wilds beyond the mountains and the forests.

The Hanseatic League: A long-time ally of the Swedes, the Hanseatic League is struggling to keep their monopoly on trade in the region safe. However, their lack of military power has forced them to turn to the Swedes to avoid being dominated by their enemies and they even had to turn over one of their major cities on the continent to the Swedes in return for military aid. 

Weirland: A small city-state which is a remnant of the great Knightly Order States. They have turned feudalism and virtue into a virtual religion and have the best swords and the best users for those swords. Allied with none, they look to their own defenses and have no time for expansionism. 

Teaser about things to come: The Jarl states of the Northmen, the Danubian Empire, the Livonian Tribes, Samogitia,  the orcs of Bjarmia, the last great dwarf-holds of the Scandian Mountains and of course, poor, beaten Denmark. 


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2 Responses to Nations of Swords of the Eastsea

  1. Relic says:

    Interesting setting, I like what I’ve read so far. If you want another group for playtesting I’d be happy to volunteer my crew.

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