Höffinga and the Company of the Flaming Goat

Nestled among the foothills of the Salpa Mountains, north of Helsinge, there is the small village of Höffinga. Höffinga is a mining village that sprung up when silver and copper was found in the hills. The mine is known as Silvermount locally.

The village is a typical rural Ostland village, with houses built closely together and the only public establishment is an inn, The Swyss’s Rest, established by the Crown back when a branch road was built to connect Höffinga with the King’s Road.
To the north of Höffinga there is an abandoned old monastery that used to be a waystation for pilgrims heading to the Tavast lands. Following the old road, one comes up to Bugbear Pass which is considered haunted by the locals and avoided. Crossing the Salpa Mountains takes about a week if using Bugbear Pass.

In Höffinga, one can find the three skalds who have banded together to form a group called the Company of the Flaming Goat: Kaisa, Kiiski and Juuso. Important local figures, they make their living as musicians, actors and part-time sellswords for the mining league. They made their reputation a few winters ago when an orcish raiding party crossed to mountains and attacked the village. Swords and fire magic won the day for the Company of the Flaming Goat. 

Here’s a short excerpt from the Ostland background chapter.


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