A Quick Look At Character Creation in SotE

Almost my favorite thing about older games is character creation that’s faster and more streamlined than most games today. Especially games like D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder are rather slow, and I wanted something that would be about as fast as those first games back in the day.

The default character creation method in Swords of the Eastsea is very simple. You pick a character kit (or class, if you prefer to call it that), write up your abilities and skills, pick two character traits and just to even things out, you get a few points to use on various skills and advantages. I might include rolling for stats as an optional rule in the finished version, along with point-buy for custom characters.

A few details as a sort of teaser:

The character kits will be these: Fighter, Hedge Wizard, Rogue, Bard, Scholastic Wizard, Ranger, Elf and Dwarf. So, we’re doing the whole race-as-class for nostalgia and setting reasons. The religious classes are out because they didn’t really fit my idea. However, we might be seeing them in the future.

Traits are character traits which give you from time to time a bonus dice. Advantages are things that give other bonuses or abilities for you.

There’s five abilities and five skills under each. There’s around twenty spells of a simple type and 14 schools of magic for Scholastic Wizards.

All in all, I try to keep numbers down as much as possible to make the game simple to play.




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