New things going on

Hello again. I’ve been tremendously busy elsewhere but here’s a short announcement. 

Fun Tyrant Games (i.e. Goblinworks that handled the LotN kickstarter) imploded a while back, for reasons that you might be familiar with if you’ve read about Nightfall Kickstarter. This, in addition to me being busy and all put a crimp on my plans to work on LotN and I kind of forgot about that. So I finished the alpha version of my side project Red Right Hand and promptly forgot about that too. 

For the last two weeks or so I’ve been working on something called Swords of the Eastsea with my co-writer Artemis Kelosaari. SotE will be partially based on what LotN was supposed to become, but at the same time, it’s a completely new thing. My self-imposed deadline for it will be the end of November. If Swords of the Eastsea is successfully released, I’m planning on dusting off LotN and getting it into releasable shape too. They’ll share a common ruleset (and I’ve been putting a lot of work into getting some viable mechanics for them). The differences will be noticable: LotN is post-postapocalyptic, SotE is weird medieval fantasy. Some of the work I did with LotN that I never really saw a good fit will find a new home in SotE. I’m going to cut out most of the magic from LotN since by now it mostly feels like too much cruft. This will give LotN a tighter focus which I feel it will benefit from. 

Swords of the Eastsea will be getting it’s own blog in due time. Meanwhile, here’s the basic gist of it. I did a bunch of research on people’s fantasy gaming experiences and I want to replicate that. However, game design has moved forward and I feel that hanging on to the old rulesets of the seventies isn’t really what works best. There will be dragons, there will be knights, there will be sorcerors and wizards and witches and owlbears. Everything that’s cool about fantasy gaming will have a place. There’s even Vancian-ish casting. 

That’s it for now. 



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