Focus on rules and more rules

Well, I’m happy to say we’ve got some feedback on the little manifesto thing we wrote. Specifically, the discussion forum The Gaming Den discussed it and the discussion turned towards the lack of maths I do when designing.

In general, I really don’t feel like I’m a great master at rules design. I’d rather go out there, find what others do, adapt it and mash it together into something new. There’s just that many ways to roll dice, anyway. The OSR guys have at least figured it out, since there’s an awful lot of AD&D and D&D clones out there. I’d rather do work on a setting than work on rules.

However, if it’s something I’ve learned from my experience at TGD, beyond the fact that some people have terribly awful manners, it’s that it’s hard to talk about rules when you’ve only got so much material ready to be presented. So, I think I shall put in some effort now to have a distilled, almost-ready-to-play (if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort yourself) version up by this weekend. It should give people something to sink their teeth into.

I also found it rather strange that a mechanic where you match up dice you’ve rolled is apparently rather baffling to many RPG fans. I personally like it for a multitude of reasons, the most important perhaps being that we humans have amazing abilities when it comes to recognizing patterns. Building on pattern recognition instead of pure mathematics seems to make playing a game a lot simpler and faster.


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One Response to Focus on rules and more rules

  1. TK-31 says:

    Now this should be interesting. Looking forward to it.

    When you get around to posting new content or updates to existing content on the blog, make sure you don’t post the bits and pieces in a vacuum as well. Posting anything that got meaningfully changed as a result of toying with something else is a good idea to prevent knee-jerk adversarial reactions to change.

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