Rumors, half-truths and the ramblings of madmen

Thought I’d do another kind of post today. Instead of detailing some aspect of the setting for you readers, you get kind of brief teasers and glimpses of things to come. There are the kind of things you might hear in dockside bars, roadside inns and in smoking rooms anywhere.

The Pomeranian league traders from Flensburg tell about meeting African traders in Bremerhafen. They had sails on their ships that were decorated with the letters  S.P.Q.R.

Something strange is happening far to the north, beyond the Bay of Bothnia. Voices from far away are carried by the northern winds.

A tinkerer called Sybourne lives in southern Hanö, and his house is always guarded by the Exceptionals of the Republic. There’s rumors about some sort of chronograph he’s built.

Kirkoslet ships leave for the western seas and never return. There’s talk about a far-away colony.  To what end?

Travelling musician Delia St. Claire knows the paths through the great Southern Ruins. Talk to her if you want to go through them.

Don’t make landfall beyond the Red Beacon Fort in Dal Riada. Everything southwards from there is a dangerous land. The Crannogmen will never venture beyond the Shaugn’s Dyke to save your skin. 

The Kings of Svea and Göte pay good cash for mapping the interior of former Sweden. You can make even more money by selling maps to the Fellowship of Pathfinders and Explorers  on Bornholm. 

There’s a few exiled Dal Riadans on the Åland islands who are trying to raise an army against the Crannogmen. 

Brewers in Revallin are talking about meeting nomads from the south. There’s talk about opening trade southwards to get access to the coffee trade. 

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