Reasons to be cheerful

Hello again,

After posting that little manifesto me and my fellow designer wrote (and do check out his game Sub Rosa, it’s good), I’ve got lots of angry replies. On a fundamental level, I don’t really get it.

What is there to be angry about, if we’re talking about RPG’s? Of course, we do run into nasty opinions on real-world things and vicious words, but beyond the aggravation that causes, what is there to be angry about?

RPG’s are fundamentally silly games of pretending to be elves (well, LotN has no elves but you get my drift). We shouldn’t be taking ourselves too seriously and getting all worked up about it.

Be nice, be polite, if someone is uncouth, it’s better to ignore it. Especially on the Internet, where it doesn’t hurt you one bit. Do this, and at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself in a better mood.



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