Some news and Character Focus – Brian Albrektsson

Hi, friend and reader! In addition to updating the blog, we’ve updated the Kickstarter. Now you can pledge to get a signature character for yourself in the setting. If you’ve already pledged more than 150 dollars, contact me because it might not show up right on the Kickstarter. On the Kickstarter, there’s also a work-in-progress version of a new song from our soundtrack, go listen!

Brian Albrektsson

Brian Albrektsson is described in many terms by his friends or his enemies. Everyone agrees on a few things though: he is extremely fashionable, extremely charitable and one of the finest swordfighters in the City of Kirkoslet. And that’s not bad for a merchant prince.

Only 27 years old, Brian has led the Albrektsson family for 9 years, gaining a seat on the Council of Kirkoslet after his aunt passed away. His penchant for fashionable and expensive clothes, lavish parties and spending his days practising swordfighting made many underestimate the young man. However, the Albrektsson family was already deeply involved with burgeoning eastward trade and Brian was quick to realize that there’s lots of money to be made in dealing with the Novgorodians. The Albrektsson Eastward Compagnie managed to control the coffee and tea trade out of Narva for a good amount of years until the Novgorodians opened the market to other traders. During those years, not a kilo of coffee moved in the Baltic without Brian getting a cut. Avoiding the cutthroat methods of his peers, he made good deals by being honest and fair in his dealings with foreign traders.

While the Albrektsson family prospered, Brian was quick to restrain his relatives from spending all the profits on luxury. Instead, Brian purchased a controlling interest in the Kirkoslet Grain Monopoly and minority shares in the distilleries and steel mill of Kirkoslet. He also allowed Jari Pekkasson, a childhood friend of his, to take control of the Dockworker’s Union, the most powerful workers union in Kirkoslet.

“What good is money, if you can’t spend it to spread the good?”, Brian said to his relatives when questioned about spending large sums of coin on charity. Donations he made earlier created for the first time a system of unemployment funds and pensions in the City, where all unions and guilds pitched in, following his example.

He’s made almost as much friends as he has made enemies over the last seven years. One doesn’t become a powerful merchant prince without making enemies, but he has a firm belief in that making a profit and doing good are not opposites. Of course, his skill with a sword keeps him safe, despite occasionally getting challenged to duels. He’s widely considered to be one of the masters of the Kirkoslet style of fencing, which focuses on quick counterattacks after parrying blows. He has also funded a fencing school where he occasionally teaches young officers from the Stående Hären (Standing army) and other students who wish to learn swordfighting.

He’s fond of dressing well and living well, and doesn’t spend much time in the Albrektsson compagnie offices anymore. He can frequently be found in on of the sidewalk cafés in downtown Kirkoslet, reading books or entertaining friends. Player characters who are interesting characters shouldn’t have much trouble contacting him, since he tries to make himself available as much as possible. He’s not a likely opponent of the player characters because of his jovial nature, instead he might be a patron or benefactor. His current interests lie in exploring the Novgorodian river trade and sending expeditions westwards and southwards. He’s heard rumors of African traders visiting Pomeranian ports and wants to find out more about them.

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