Kickstarter updated, and some upcoming things

Hi friends and readers, we finally got around to updating our Kickstarter, so be sure to tell your friends and fellow gamers about it. It’s here: We now have a bit more description about the game itself and a look into the rules we’ll be using.

So, what’s on the horizon?

The blog will soon finish giving you the general details of the Baltic region, we got a thing or two coming up about the small states that have sprung up in what used to be the actual Baltic countries, about the Novgorodian traders, horse nomads of the Russian plains and last but not least the Pomeranian League, those German merchants who sail the seas and get rich.

Then we have things about Bornholm which is a really exciting place for adventurers to visit. It’s like a Baltic version of Tortuga, with a lot of pirates, spies and government agents mixing it up, plotting and raiding merchant shipping. If you like Jack Sparrow, you’ll probably like Bornholm.

The Åland islands will also be further developed. They got two small communities who are extremely militant about their independence and they’re great at sailing with small boats and raiding coastal settlements, like the Svea learned when they tried to fight a war with them. The Ålanders burned down the Svea capital in retaliation.

Some international groups will also be detailed, like the Polymaths, who are an association of scientists who act as advisors and researchers for most governments and courts. Of course, they’re not a boring group in white coast, but they got plots going on for them too.

Last but not least, we’ll be heading out to the wilderness to take a closer look at the frontier regions.

And as for other things, there’s more art coming up as soon as our talented artists finish their first custom art pieces for the setting. I like my artists, they’re a really talented lot of people.

That’s it for now, see you later!

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One Response to Kickstarter updated, and some upcoming things

  1. kemper2011 says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. If there’s something you’d really like to see a blog post about, comment and ask me. I do take requests.

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