Religion in Lions of the North

The last post I made used a quote by general Gustav Rehnsköld in the title, and I realized I had not written about religion in this context, despite being a student of comparative religion.

In short, religion doesn’t matter. Christianity is still around as a folk religion, so are a few other religions, but in general, it just doesn’t matter. The ingame reason is this: the countries of Northern Europe are among the most secularized countries in the world, if not the most secular. It’s hard to see christianity flourishing after the collapse of the organizations that keep it relevant today. So, when the evangelic-lutheran churches stopped existing along with everything else from today, there was no church anymore. Sure, you have preachers and the odd priest here and there taking care of weddings, baptisms and funerals but that was pretty much it. Lutheranism is fairly big on the idea that being a priest isn’t anything special in itself, so in LotN, there’s mostly part-time priests who learn a few rituals and such, while not perhaps having a clear picture of doctrine or theology.

Outside the game, I feel that the idea of post-apocalypse and religion is done to death and frankly, I don’t see myself to be a better writer than Walter M. Miller. For the same reason, there’s no strange cults worshipping old gas stations or anything like that: it’s clichéd.


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