GM Pride March? and free GM advice

I happened across this thread at and I have to say, it kind of offended me, because frankly, I think the hardships that LGBT people and their struggle for rights can’t be compared to people doing something for fun in their spare time. Using the “pride” term does trivialize that struggle, I feel.

Anyhow, I feel that if the “power” of a gamemaster in a game diminishes, that’s good. The thing that RPG’s haven’t really gotten over is the GM-player split which makes the hobby kinda hard to get into for many. I’m pretty sure that many in the hobby have been in the situation where they need to be the GM for gaming to happen at all and frankly, it sucks to be in charge of homework for 1-6 people for no pay and even more, you don’t even get to play yourself.

Being the GM isn’t hard, but it’s often a bother, since you’re the only one who needs to prep for a game beyond being sober enough to turn up. You’re also the one who might end up adjudicating conflict between players, even if it’s not directly related to the game itself! And that’s not very fun. Let’s make it more fun, then!

Lions of the North will include more GM advice, but here’s two basic rules I follow: collaborate with the players and don’t play with people who make other players uncomfortable.

Talk to the players, ask them what they want to see in the game and what they don’t want to see in the game. Encourage them to do your work for you. If everyone pitches in, your workload might become much lighter.

If someone disrupts the game by being unpleasant to be around with: don’t invite them to games. Sure, it’s not pleasant to have to throw someone out of a campaign, but it’s much better than making a misery out of playing. Remember, gaming should be fun.


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