A sneak peek at character creation

My goal is to make a system that’s both easy to play and easy to teach. So, I decided to make two paths for character creation. You can either use a point buy system, where you get a certain number of points to buy all kinds of abilities to your character, and there’s also the 2 minute character creator: roll your dice, you get a profession for your character, roll again twice, you get two backgrounds for your character. Write it up on a sheet, and you’re done and ready to play.

How characters are measured in the game, when it comes to “how good my guy is at shooting” or “how great a doctor is my character”, is a bit complex but it should be easy to understand.

A character has four different kinds of abilities: attributes, skills, traits and disciplines.

Attributes represent stuff that doesn’t require specific skills, like for example, how strong you are. That’s what you roll when you try to lift a big rock or trying to listen for a burglar in a quiet house.

Skills mean you have training in something: shooting, riding, playing games or building a sled. They’re more specialized than attributes, but only to a certain degree. You add your skills to an attribute when you roll.

Traits represent a more specialized kind of training or ability, like being a great gambler, knowing to speak an uncommon language or such. It allows you to get bonuses to certain actions.

Disciplines are a bit like super-traits. They’re all tied to some specific art or knowledge in the game, such a Kirkosletian gunsmithing or Hanöan duel fencing. They’re narrow in their use but very powerful.

A short example. I don’t have any iconic PC’s like D&D does yet, so let’s make one. Rosemari Sjöbacka is a Hanöan cavalrywoman, known for her tough attitude and hard fists. She’s a natural at riding horses, but is also well-trained for that, giving her a Coordination attribute of 4 and a Riding skill of 3. When she tries to do something that’s dangerous or requires extraordinary effort or she’s under a lot of stress, she can roll seven dice for her attempt. She also has a trait related to being a cavalrywoman, so she even gets a bonus to her attempts.

However, she could also have a Discipline that represents specialized training, like “Hanöan Lancer training”, which would give her a bigger bonus for most horse-related stuff.

Simple, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to A sneak peek at character creation

  1. inkwell says:

    sounds kinda similar to world of darkness

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