What is Lions of the North?

Someone clever said that if you can’t describe what you are writing in a hundred words, you shouldn’t write it.

Lions of the North is a roleplaying game where you play the heroes of tomorrow. A comet hit the earth and what was left died in a nuclear holocaust. The survivors abandoned the past and made their own world. New nations have arisen in northern Europe and now a great struggle to control the Baltic sea is ahead. The players will take the role of soldiers, sailors, noblemen, scholars and spies. They’ll shape the future.

That’s exactly 75 words. Enough for now.

Northern europe is for the time being dominated by three up-and-coming states: the Kingdom of Peimar, the Republic of Hanö and the City of Kirkoslet.

Peimar is an enlightened state, ruled by Queen Anne I, known as the Lioness. Peimar is a land of tilled soil and hardy fishermen.

Hanö is a republic in name only. It’s ruled by oligarchs and strongmen who control a weak parliament. Hanö is a nation of sailors and traders.

Kirkoslet is a city-state living in the shadow of both Peimar and Hanö. What keeps either one from conquering the city is the fact that only the great arsenals of Kirkoslet can supply enough weapons for either one. Kirkoslet is a city filled with merchant princes.

Across the sea you get a handful of other states, greedy for a place in the sun. The city of  Revallin is playing a dangerous game of pitting the three states against each other to keep it’s independence.The Pomeranians sail across the Baltic, vying for the markets of Peimar and Hanö. Gotland is the home of the Gotha who are trying their hand at competing with Hanö for the overseas trade. The small states of Svea, Göte and Vende are squabbling amongst themselves, all wanting to control what used to be Sweden. Bornholm is a nest of pirates. Dal Riada is the only state on the former British isles, looking across the North Sea and into the North. To the east, the merchant princes of Novgorod are gathering armies.

The lands north of Peimar, Hanö and Kirkoslet are untamed and wild. Pioneers and settlers are ever making their way northward. Apart from the harsh climate itself, there are other dangers in the wild.

In inns and cabins across the land, people gathered around fires tell stories of what they have seen. Stories of wolves, beastmen and stranger creatures still. And that’s just the outskirts of civilization. Across the nations, ruins of the past still stand unexplored as monuments of a strange past, white spaces on the maps.  There’s stories of sorcery, witchcraft and demons.

Against the horrors of the dark woods, the armies of the nations ride out. The Night Witches are the formost outfit in the Peimar army that keeps the beastmen from raiding frontier settlements. A dragoon squadron that’s made up of the most skilled and brave horsewomen of the kingdom of Peimar, the Night Witches made their reputation in the last war against Hanö.

For the world of tomorrow abandoned the gender roles of today. Men and women work side by side, without a thought about where anyone’s place is. Queen Anne herself leads her armies from the front, together with her commander, Riksmarsk (Supreme Commander of the Army) Sigrid Horn. The famous Marine Regiment of Hanö is made up of both men and women and no one bats an eye. It’s the way things are done.

Now when I’ve shown you a bit of what there will be, let’s talk about things that don’t exist.

There’s no mutated intelligent animals around. No weird religions either. No successor states to the nations of today. In general, people don’t think of the society of the past as a golden age: they look forward, instead. So they don’t live in gimmick cities or ruins of the past, either. In general, I’ll try to avoid cliched stuff and instead try to make something new.

Also, there’s not going to be any sort of metaplot. You’ll get the setting as it is, with some ideas about stuff that might happen but it’s up to the gamemaster to decide what actually happens. It’s going to be your world after I do my part.



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