Lions of the North

The world ended in fire in the 21st century. But it did not die.

Our civilization is dead. The great cities of today lie in ruin. What the comet hitting earth didn’t kill, our own weapons killed. The few who survived had to find a way to scratch out a new existence wherever they could survive.

And they succeeded. The survivors cast off the past and made a future for themselves.

It’s the year 2312. In northern Europe, new nations and states are arising from the ashes.

They’ll create a future for themselves, unfettered by the dead past. That future will be shaped by courageous settlers trekking across the endless forests, greedy merchants sailing across the Baltic seas to make a profit, strong blacksmiths forging steel to create new weapons to take back the world, clever polymaths studying the secrets of the past and brave cavalrywomen fighting to protect those who cannot protect ourselves.

Our world is dead. The Lions of the North will take it for themselves.




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